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PR tops lists of work-from-home jobs

One of the benefits of being an independent practitioner is the freedom to work in whatever type of environment you wish. Some rent office space; others maintain home offices. Personally, I’ve chosen to work from home since taking my PR consulting business full-time more than four years ago.

Being a fan of working from home, I was excited to read an article on Yahoo! recently by Kristina Cowan from payscale.com.  She identified five lucrative work-at-home jobs, and three of them were related to communications — PR, writing, and design. “Success with work-from-home jobs depends on self-motivation. and professional experience, freelancers say — the more you have of both, the better. You also must be disciplined and skilled at networking, so you can attract clients/contacts,” she wrote.  Read her full article here.

I’ve learned that clients, the media and vendors don’t know (or care) if I’m calling from a cubicle or from my patio. It’s my expertise that counts, not my environment.�

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  1. Bob Saline Says:

    One of our clients is a large healthcare provider. The more than 100 year old organization has had a foundation supporting its not-for-profit status since the founding. Some volunteer board members are hoping to launch a philanthropic learning opportunity for youth from middle school age through high school years. Has your organization done anything similar? What resources were needed and what outcomes were reached?

  2. Ana Anderson Says:

    Enjoyed your post. I would have to agree there is nothing like working from home. Once you’ve done it, it’s hard to go back to the old way of working…I still have concerns sometimes about where my next client is going to come from. But I’ve found that keeping a list of companies looking for my type of expertise is always handy! I was lucky in finding a job bank that provides me with a monthly list of companies looking for work from home persons to hire for certain types of jobs. I actually wrote a review about it. If you’re interested go to: http://jobstophome.blogspot.com/

  3. Rene Valentin Says:

    I want information about the jobs to begin as soon is posible. Thank you!

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