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The influence of text messaging

This morning on my drive to work I received a text message from a neighbor about a speed trap near our subdivision. I was already past the area and somehow managed to escape getting a ticket, probably because I left extra early today.

But the thought occurred to me: this is the first time I’ve been warned about potential negative consequences by a text message.

How many of us find text messaging creeping into our daily lives, including client activities? Have you ever sent a text message to a reporter?

The advent of new technology, like text messaging, makes our job as public relations counselors more complex. There are more options for ways to communicate with constituencies.

The challenge becomes first being familiar with the myriad of options, and second, knowing how to counsel our clients as to which method of communication is most effective for their particular circumstance.

Gone are the days of primarily measuring public relations success by ink in the local newspaper. Now we’re expected to be up to speed on everything from writing, distributing and placing press releases to blogging, vlogging, podcasting, second life, and even text messaging.

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