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Subscribe by email or in an RSS reader

Okay all you independent public relations practitioners, it’s time to commit!

With the launch of we have the new-fangled ability to stay in touch using RSS technology. I know, many of you are wondering, what is RSS and what does it stand for? Do a Google search and many, many explanatory links will magically appear (isn’t Google great?).

Hopefully most of us are educated when it comes to RSS and Web 2.0 terminology since we counsel our clients on the like.

So now it’s your turn: please take a moment to subscribe to the RSS feed for our new website. In the left-hand column, under Recent Posts, pick your poison: Email Subscription Request or RSS Subscription Request.

If you’re more comfortable managing your email inbox, subscribe to the emailed feed.

If you’re an early adopter or want to experience the difference between managing email and utilizing an RSS feed to deliver hand-selected information, use the RSS subscription link. I recommend the free NewsGator FeedDemon RSS reader. (Again, if I’ve lost you, do a Google search for NewsGator FeedDemon.)

Let’s show our IPA power and ‘represent.’ Our new site is an experiment for PRSA and we want it to demonstrate the value of a virtual gathering place for the IPA section of PRSA.

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  1. Jules Says:

    HI. I am rather new and just now found time to pop in to this section that my boss paid for six months ago (I don’t feel too bad, we were both laid off in January).

    So, can anyone post questions or just our fearless leader?


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